Care of shoes

Care of shoes



There are many ways to ensure that your new shoes keep looking beautiful and remain comfortable, here you can find our advice!





  • Our first advice is to keep your shoes in the cloth or satin dustproof bag, which you can find inside the shoebox;
  • After using your shoes, you should air them out for a few hoursbefore putting them in the bag; do not leave them in damp places and avoid significant temperature variations;
  • Do not dry your damp shoes next to heat sources, in that high temperatures might dry out the materials.





  • You can take care of your leather shoes  in 3 steps:  firstly remove dirt with a wet cloth or a bristle brush, secondly apply some shoe polish with circular movements starting from the edge and then moving on the rest of the shoe and thirdly remove the excess and polish your shoes. For silver and gold leather shoes, there is a specific shoecream of the same colour;
  • Suede shoes care is carried out with a specific rubber or brass brush, in that suede tends to catch dust due to its natural porosity; you can also revive their colour with some specific sprays available for sale;
  • To take care of patent shoes or shoes with some patent parts, you should not use the same brush you would use for suede or leather. Actually, for this material you need to remove dust with a dry cloth and then apply some specific neutral hydrating cream with a dry cotton cloth to restore their shine;
  • Satin or cloth shoes cleaning needs to be carried out with water and neutral soap. We suggest starting cleaning it from the less visible areas and gradually move on to the front part.
  • Avoid cleaning your shoes in the washing machine, otherwise the material will be damaged.





  • The sole (especially buffalo soles) needs a frequent care with a metal bristles brush that you should use to rub the sole in the opposite direction of buffalo fluff. Brushing your shoes, you revive the material and prevent your sole from flattening because of dust sticking to your shoes when you slide on the floor.





  • The shoehorn is a tool that helps you put on any type of shoes, so as to protect the back of the shoe, which is often strained and lowered;
  • The shoe- tree is another accessory, which is essential to ensure a perfect shoe care over time.
  • The sole brush is a must-have accessory for your dance kit. It is made of metal bristles which need to be brushed in the opposite direction of buffalo fluff. In this way, you will remove dust sticking to your sole and restore the original grip, thus avoiding unpleasant slides;
  • The sole brush is a must-have accessory for your dance kit. It is made of metal bristles which need to be brushed in the opposite direction of buffalo fluff. In this way, you will remove dust sticking to your sole and restore the original grip, thus avoiding unpleasant slides;
  • The heel tipis a plastic accessory which is applied on the base of your heel and needs to be checked periodically as it wears out with use. It is important to replace the heel tip before you can see the fixing screw (inner pin), in that when the plastic of the heel tip wears out, the structure of the heel will start wearing out too, thus leading to balancing issues. For men shoes, you need to check if the heel tip is worn out and replace it before you can see the bottom of the heel
  • For all women, whether you are dancers or not, the heel protector is a must-have: it is a clear soft plastic protector, which prevents usage and it must be worn according to the federal regulation for dance sport competitions. It also protects heels during garden parties or outdoor weddings. To apply the heel protector, you need to warm up the plastic with your hands and insert it with oscillating movements. At the beginning, you might find it difficult to insert the heel protector, but this accessory has been deliberately produced in a small size compared to the heel so as to ensure the perfect fitting.





After ensuring the possibility to produce your shoes, we offer you several services for shoes care, using only original Paoul spare parts. Here are some of our services:


  • Resole for worn out soles: if your shoes are still in good conditions, you can fully or partially resole them (buffalo, rubber, leather), so that they can last longer;
  • Shoe insole replacement: as the shoe insole absorbs sweat with use, we recommend to replace it periodically to ensure a better hygiene;
  • Heel tips replacement: the procedure is fairly easy and in many cases it can be carried out by the shoes owner; s/he can use pliers to remove the worn out heel tip and apply a new one with a hammer. It is important to carry out this procedure carefully and properly remove the whole heel tip (including the metal tip) so as to avoid that the pin remains stuck inside of the heel. This procedure can also be carried out by our artisans;
  • Buckle replacement: you can request this service if the original one has been damaged;
  • Strap replacement: you can request this service when your strap is worn-out, the holes for the buckles have got too large and the shoe grip is compromised;
  • Satin dyeing: this service is carried out when the satin is worn out and you prefer to dye it with a darker colour to revive your shoes. Brides often request this service after their special day, so that they can keep using the shoes and dye them with a colour which is different from the usual light nuances.


If you need further information or if you would like to book your repair service write us at or call us at +39 049 8790025. We are here to restore your Paoul!